SOFrank develops, designs and executes (inter)national event concepts and décors. We believe that every unique experience is the balanced combination of design, branding and technology. We love to inspire our clients and are looking forward to getting inspired by you!

SOFrank was founded by Tal Shay Frank. A creative entrepreneur who’s roots lay in the world of art and design. Tal has worked with international media artists like Micha Klein and Danielle Kwaaitaal. Over the past several years, he has developed a large portfolio as a fashion and art photographer. Additionally, he has designed and created a diverse range of national and international events from art projects to marketing activation programs for world-renowned brands.

Skills & Services
To be successful in the industry, you have to be unique in building an overall concept – a concept that should be visible in even the smallest details of an event.

Every project starts off with concept creation. Based on our client’s specific goals and target groups, we create a strategic and effective live communication concept. We do this individually or accompanied by other creative professionals for a one-off event, or as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

The design process is a significant part of creating a concept. Among décor and styling, SOFrank’s knowledge in audio-visual elements helps generate an interactive design. Through the combination of these elements, we help deliver the message our clients want to share with their audience. We translate the design requirements into décor, artwork, storyboards, sketches and 2D/3D visuals. Design is an important part of the products we develop and produce.

Brand experience
We believe that every event tells a story. We create brand experience by strategically integrating your brand identity into the event design and concept – leaving an everlasting impression on your audience.