SOFrank were approached by music channel, Stingray, to create their booth for the MIPCOM conference in Nice. We wanted a design that would instantly tell visitors what Stingray do, while at the same time addressing the challenge of including a number of areas where Stingray would be able to meet visitors within a mall booth space of just 18 ft.

Our solution provided three small but distinct spaces in a lounge setting, where visitors could chat while enjoying the music and surroundings, as well as a bar where Stingray could hold meetings with potential clients and other important guests in a relaxed setting.

Not only the corporate colours, but the whole ambience of the space reinforced the Stingray brand. With steel and wood for a contemporary feel-good urban look, music-themed wall graphics and a TV screen for company presentations.
The result was a space that communicated the Stingray brand, facilitated meetings in a subtle yet efficient way, and created just the right relaxed vibe for a music channel.