Beyond Tomorrow

For a board of directors dinner in Seoul, SOFrank designed an enchanting, luxurious decor with a welcoming, intimate yet expansive atmosphere. The use and layering of elements like specific transparent printed fabrics and colors, shutters frames, intricate floral arrangements and botanical illustrations allowed us to create depth and warmth.

The wooden shutters at the front of the stage created the illusion of open windows. This use of light design added a spaciousness to the room and helped connect the decor to the interior design of the Grand Hyatt Hotel venue.

We made sure to carefully work together with all other professionals involved so that the decor could, for example, seamlessly support and merge with the evening’s magical show moments and even the dishes served!

Airport City Event

Airport City Event takes off in style

SOFrank was a driving force behind the first highly successful Airport City Event (ACE) hosted by the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. With Haarlemmermeer, SOFrank was responsible for the ACE concept, which brings together CEOs of multinationals based near Schiphol with local entrepreneurs and SMEs, as a catalyst to successful new collaborations and economic growth. SOFrank also managed both the production and stylish look-&-feel of the networking event, held in the SUMMUM Lounge at Schiphol-Oost. ACE gave the many business leaders present the chance to meet and inspire one another, and discuss issues with municipal representatives in an informal setting. In fact, it proved so successful that plans are already afoot for a follow-up Airport City Event in the future.

Making More Possible

Board of directors dinner experience
The Nederlands Amsterdam

For a Board of directors dinner SOFrank was asked to create the most exclusive and luxurious dinner setting in 5 countries. The first event was held in Amsterdam in the Beurs van Berlage.
We created a modern theatre décor setting in this unique venue in this historical building. 
The main stage was placed in the centre of the dinner area for several artists to perform. The guests were seated on different heights around the stage.
We integrated the Delfts-Blue pattern with an Middle-Eastern twist as a notable element in the event design.


SOFrank recently designed a booth for Energyworx @ the European Utility Week. Energyworx are a data solutions business helping drive the energy transition. To reflect the company’s sustainability credentials, we developed a booth that was green. Literally. With a real grass back wall that respected the Energyworx house style yet dramatically showcased its tagline and icons. The design also incorporated data cables, which lie at the heart of its business activities. Our delighted client confirmed they’d had loads of positive reactions throughout the week, with people saying they were drawn to the Energyworx booth because it stood out so effectively from the other designs

Complementing Energies

Board of directors dinner experience
South Korea Seoul

In Korea SOFrank designed a high-end dinner & cocktail setting in the ballrooms of the Grand Hyatt in Seoul.
For every aspect of the dinner, video projection was used. During the dinner we projected organic shaped elements in the 360 décor setting on the main screen. 
Throughout the event luxurious fabrics and materials were used. The graphic design was reflected in the décor setting for the branding of the event.

Sabic Home of Innovation

MCI Group asked SOFrank to create a design for one of their clients, Sabic, for the signing ceremony in Riyadh to launch the Sabic Home of Innovation. SoFrank designed the concept and backdrop of the mainstage. To give the presentation a truly innovative look and feel, we created an interactive backwall that combines the presentation with video mapping and lighting, to create a unique signing moment.

Click here for the website of Home of Innovation

Corporate Event MCI

SOFrank converted three convention halls into a harbor, indoor beach and a surface view of the ocean.  This big blue ocean concept was brought to life by using key décor pieces. Sailboats, beach houses and a fountain bar are just a few of the items that were integrated into the design. MCI Amsterdam was responsible for the total organization and production of this event.

Allerhande Christmas Festival

For Albert Heijn, Holland’s largest food retailer, brand builders Xsaga approached SOFrank to together create a design that would transform the National Railway Museum into a unique food market experience with a Christmas décor. We designed a tasting street with a typical Christmas market square and various kitchen island booths. These were arranged and decorated along different food themes, and offered a 360-degree food experience, including live cooking, food tastings and product research.

Click here for a video of the event



Strength and Agility

Board of directors dinner experience
Japan Tokyo

For a Board of directors dinner in Tokyo, SOFrank designed a high-end dinner setting and used minimalistic elements of the modern Japanese interior.
The theme was the value of longevity.
We gave expression to this theme by creating various décor elements to symbolise the long lasting relationships with business partners. The design of the event featured a traditional Japanese sliding doors and a wooden sculpture made of panels floating above the dinner area.

25th Anniversary IMC

We transformed an industrial venue into a modern and elegant design. Technical light and video equipment were combined with various décor elements and integrated into the overall design. The décor was kept stylish, smart and contemporary while keeping the location’s industrial ambiance. MCI Amsterdam was responsible for the organisation and production of this event.

Watch this event in 360°.

Olympus Playground

We were asked to produce and organize a month long interactive art installation pop-up store for Olympus. This successful concept was initiated in Berlin. We organized this together with our creative partner Conspiracysinc. We took care of openings parties, magazine launches and product launches throughout this month. The venue of this event was an authentic old Dutch bank building in the center of Amsterdam.

50th Anniversary SOS

SOS Children’s Villages asked SOFrank to create an evening to thank their sponsors on the 50th anniversary of the charity. Our concept turned the event into an impressive story about some of the children who’ve been adopted. To make the story even more powerful, SOFrank asked international artist, Danielle Kwaaitaal, to collaborate with us and visit Macedonia, where she made a series of strong portraits of some of the SOS Children’s Villages children. On the evening of the event the photos were lit one by one, while a voice over told each child’s personal story.

Click here to read some of the stories of the children


We constructed an eye-catching booth by using elements from the corporate visual. Unconventional materials such as inflatable clouds, tarmac floors, artificial grass and vibrant colors were used. A young, fresh and open design caught the eye of all the visitors during the convention.

Stories Amsterdam

For the Amsterdam Diner Foundation, SOFrank supported the organisation and creation of Stories Amsterdam, a fundraising event to provide HIV tests for people otherwise unable to afford one. The entire event — from the Grand Hotel Krasnapolski venue to the chefs, food, drinks and even entertainment – was produced by professionals from within our network, who invested their time and expertise to support this worthy cause. SOFrank is proud to have played such a central role in this successful event.

Fonds Event 360

To launch the annual Fonds Event, SOFrank blended different décor elements to fit their company’s brand identity and event concept 360. We designed and executed the décor for their event together with our creative partner Conspiracysinc. To visually incorporate the events theme into the design, we created a 360 degree illustration in ‘t Spant’s auditorium. SOFrank designed a special projection installation to further intensify the idea of looking forward with a 360-degree view.

Corporate Event MCI

By using natural elements found in parks, SOFrank literally took the outdoors indoor. A dull and empty convention hall was reconstructed into a lively and colorful park through the use of natural colors and materials, bringing the concept to life. Key décor pieces were a panorama view tower, wooden food stands, multicolored lighting and artificial grass and trees. In corporation with MCI Amsterdam, SOFrank designed, produced and executed this indoor event space.

Samsung Mobility

A flight simulator experience was used to get absorbed into ‘Samsung’s Cloud.’ To launch their newest devices, we created an overall concept in cooperation with Conspiracysinc. Samsung’s guests were invited to the Summum Private Jet Lounge at Schiphol Airport for an exclusive presentation of these devices. This was followed by a once in a lifetime experience in Schiphol’s flight simulators – an exception made solely for SOFrank for this event.


In January 2013, T-Mobile celebrated their 10-year anniversary with the My-T-Party in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, where we carried out the styling, decor and light-design of this event. By using unique LED furniture and special lighting, we created a futuristic and modern atmosphere in the brand colors. The total production and concept was executed by Dechesne & Broertje. The My-T-Party event welcomed more than 2,000 employees and was highly appreciated. And that exactly fits our imagination.

ISTH Congress

Inspired by the famous Dutch artist Piet Mondriaan, we designed and carried out the styling of the presentation hall, including the main stage, for ISTH’s international pharmacy congress. MCI Amsterdam was responsible for the total production of the ISTH Congress, which was held in July 2013 in the RAI Amsterdam for over 3,000 professionals in the industry.